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Australian Shepherd Advocates

Gurdon, Arkansas

The Australian Shepherd Advocates rescue group has foster homes and trainers who also foster and our budget is always tight. If it weren't for the love and dedication of our members and supporters the dogs we save would most likely suffer and die all alone and unloved after fining themselves caged up in some filthy, smelly, loud, scary "shelter" somewhere. The dogs we rescue are very often those dogs that the other, much larger and much more well known rescue organizations you hear about more often. Many rescues pick and choose not to discern which of the many dogs need their help the most, most of those rescue organizations pick the dogs they feel will "turnover" quickly and thus great profit as they pass through the rescue. Granted, rescues are normally non profit 501c3 organizations, but that doesn't mean that they don't profit! Non profit really means that the people that operate the organizations do not earn a salary. The adoption fees are used to offset the costs of caring for the dogs that the reaches serve. The quicker they can run the dogs through the rescue, the less money they have to spend on the dog. Often the dogs come through the rescues and dont get the care and the training they need and many of them find themselves abandoned yet again in another hideous shelter awaiting another savior. Our rescue seeks out the needed dogs. We specialize in those nobody else wants. We save the blind, deaf, blind and deaf the untrainable, and those that are deemed too aggressive. We don't show up and make off with a mama's babies and leave her to die. We take her too! We do not pick the best, we pick the ones that we feel need us the most. It makes for rough times, but we always get by somehow. But, if we had more supporters we could save more dogs, simple as that. Your vote for our rescue is a vote for the underdogs. If you feel like we do, please his your vote! Thanks