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Beagles and Buddies

Apple Valley, CA

Although there are so many reasons why 20,000 meals would help our shelter, we think the most important reason would be cost. Beagles & Buddies receives donations that we could not be more grateful for, but we still have to buy most (aprox 95%) of our food from a pet food bank. At times, we receive inadequate food. We care for 90+ dogs monthly - some at our rescue location and we have few (aprox 20 )dogs in foster homes. Having 20,000 meals would save us costs that we could put to use for medical procedures that need to be performed. B&B takes in a lot on seniors, specials needs, unsocialized pooches and so much more. We could use that budget for training, dentals, blood panels, and even new dogs to be received in. Knowing that we would not have to be paying for food, that of course would affect our number of dogs in as we would have more resource to say yes! We think what you guys are doing is great! Although we would absolutely LOVE to receive the amazing and generous donation. We know no matter who it touches, it will be an incredible blessing!