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Giant Breeds


Many of our Giant Breeds listed below are mature, soft and relaxed dogs that often require less exercise than smaller breeds and make great pets even in apartment sized living quarters. Because they are large they are less intimated by other people and thus are much more adaptable to meeting friends, family members and children of their owners. They are normally very calm and are make great family dogs. They are by definition stronger and when sensing threats to their owner[s] will become very protective. Many of these giant breeds are known for their protective and life-saving skills.

Giant Breeds also have a shorter life span [often only 6-10 years], often contract hip dysplasia and arthritis, and can be more expensive to maintain than smaller dogs.

You’ll ‘stop traffic’ walking these dogs ~ be prepared for lots of attention from other dog lovers.


Black Russian TerrierBorzoiDogue de Bordeaux
Great DaneGreat PyreneeIrish Wolfhound
Neapolitan MastiffNewfoundlandSaint Bernard
Scottish DeerhoundTibetan Mastiff


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