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Myth #1: Mixed breed dogs are healthier than purebred dogs

FALSE. Researchers at University of California-Davis found that the theory of purebred dogs being more susceptible to disease was not true. For example, the disorders common to both pure and mixed breeds are all types of cancers and  some orthopedic and cardiac disorders.

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Myth # 2: Puppies should be kept in the litter till at least 8 weeks old

TRUE. Puppies need to stay with their mother and littermates to learn interactive social skills.  As a pack animal, they learn the ‘pecking order’ very important later when they partner with you/your family.

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Myth #3: All Dogs like to be petted on their heads

FALSE. Many dogs feel threatened with a hand approaching from above. It is always safer to bring your hand low, towards and underneath their nose slowly, and let the dog first investigate and smell you.

Female dogs DO NOT like to be ‘slapped’ as a form of petting. Males are more accepting, but stroking is much more appreciated than ‘slapping’. Think of approaching a female friend: does she like you to slap her on the back with a ‘hello’? Heck, no.  Men, are fine with this kind of greeting, not so for we women.

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Myth #4: Dogs will let you know when they are sick

Dogs will not let you know if they are sick because of their survival instinct. They will hide their illness to appear strong in front of larger prey.

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Myth #5: Only Male dogs lift their legs to urinate

FALSE. Some female dogs, especially dominant females leave their mark by urinating like their male counterparts.

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Myth #6: A Wagging tail means the dog is happy and friendly.

FALSE. Often times a ‘tail wag’ indicates that the dog is nervous and anxious, which can lead to quick reactions to protect like a sudden lunge or, in extreme cases, a bite attack.  Never assume that a wagging tail is a confirmation of a relaxed, happy dog.

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Myth #7: You can’t teach old dog new tricks

FALSE. If you adopt adult or even senior dogs, you will be surprised at their ability to learn new tricks. Adult dogs are sometimes easier to train than puppies as they can focus for a long period of time.

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Myth #8: Dogs are color blind  

FALSE. Dogs see more than just black, white, and gray. Their color field comprises largely of yellows, blues, and violets.

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Myth #9: A cold wet nose is an indicator of good health

FALSE . Sometimes, a healthy pet will have a warm dry nose maybe, because it doesn’t lick its nose as frequently or secrete as much mucous.

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Myth #10: You should rub your dog’s nose in their indoor bathroom mistakes

FALSE.  Rubbing your dog’s nose, scolding, beating, or any other form of punishment will only make them afraid and lead to more accidents. There are other ways to train your puppy.

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