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10 Reasons to Adopt a Rescue Dog

10 Reasons to Adopt a Rescue Dog

On October 3, 2019, Posted by , In Rescue Organization, With 1 Comment

#1 Housebroken

With most family members gone for work, house-training a puppy is a long process. Puppies need a consistent schedule to establish a pattern of when and where. On the other hand, an adult dog does not need as many frequent breaks.

#2  Intact Socks and Shoes

With chewy puppy, you will lose your socks and shoes to his sharp teeth. By contrast, an older dog can usually have the run of the house without destroying it.

#3  A Good Night’s Sleep

A puppy can be very demanding at 2am… and 4am… and 6am… when he’s missing his littermates. How about a little peace and quiet? How about an adult rescue dog who will also be as interested in sleeping as you are?

#4  Relaxation

A puppy needs attention and a proper schedule for feeding, walking, and house training. Your adult dog will already have a schedule and won’t need too much of your attention. With him beside you, your workday stress flows away and your blood pressure lowers as you pet him.

#5  Easier Vet Trips

Puppies need a lot of early vet visits- shots, rabies shot, spaying/neutering, or even an emergency trip if they have eaten or chewed something unsafe. Meanwhile when you adopt an adult dog, he/she will often have all of his shots current, already spayed/ or neutered, and usually with any pressing health issues already handled.

#6   What You See Is What You Get

How big will that puppy be? Temperament? Active? Personality? Can be easily trained? When adopting an older dog from a rescue, all these questions are easily answered. The rescue/ foster homes can help you get a good match as rescues often have puppies who were the wrong match as they became adults.

#7  Unscarred Children (and Adults)

When the puppy isn’t chewing your things, he might be teething you or your children and your possessions. Since biting suggests hostility, rescue groups carefully consider a dog before accepting. Often the reason why a dog is being nippy is because parents might not be able to give enough time to train or observe the puppy.

#8  Compatible  Match

Choosing a puppy is a decision that must be taken after a lot of thought. However, in reality it might be because the puppy was cute, or reminded the owner of a childhood memory, or some other reason. Pet mismatches are one of the top reasons rescue groups why pets are given up. Good rescue groups do extensive evaluation of both dogs and their applicants to ensure suitability and happiness.

#9 Instant Companion

With an older dog, you automatically have a buddy that can go everywhere and do everything with you now instead of waiting for a puppy to grow up. You can select the most compatible dog with proven traits. You can come home after a long day’s work and spend your time relaxing with your rescue dog rather than cleaning up after a puppy.

#10 The Rescue Bond

Rescue dogs always seem to recognize that they’ve been given a second chance. Most rescue dogs make exceptionally affectionate and attentive pets and extremely loyal companions. Choosing a rescue dog instead of a purchased pup will solve the pet overpopulation problem and give many dogs a chance they otherwise would not have had.

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