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SaveARescue partnered with Farmina & Protein for Pets to Give Away and donate 8 tons of Puppy Food this “Thanksgiving Week” to worthy Rescues always in need of support in every way for their daily, selfless, saving’ of the dogs & cats at ‘death’s door’ and in most need of being rescued and given a 2nd chance.

We found four wonderful small rescues that ‘are in the trenches’ every day saving the dogs & cats from “High Kill” Shelters in S. California ~ The pregnant females and ‘special needs’ dogs & cats that are most unlikely to be adopted and therefore put high on the list to be euthanized.

These ladies that work tirelessly 24/7, bottle feeding the motherless newborns, using their own money and deep in debt to their veterinarians.

Gifting them with puppy food was so rewarding.  This is just one of the many things is all about.

We are all unpaid Volunteers ~ helping other rescues because together we become that ‘small village’ that makes up and creates a ‘Wheel of Life” for so many more deserving dogs and cats in life-threatening situations.

This was our way of saying “Thanks for Giving” this “Thanksgiving” Week!

The 4 recipients of all this puppy food are:

1]  TLC of the IE [Inland Empire;  ]

2]  TLC for Pups [Colton area];

3]  Vista Rescue [Moreno Valley]

4] Paws for A Cause [San Bernadino].

These ladies are our heroes!