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#1:  Dogs Left Locked in Cars in Summer Die Quickly.  Never leave your dog inside your car in summer temperatures, even with windows open a ‘crack’.

See graph below that shows just how quickly your vehicle becomes an ‘oven’ for your dog/cat.  Dogs don’t perspire like humans and therefore cannot withstand these temperatures that can kill them quickly.  Your vehicle can heat up to 100 degrees in 7-10 minutes.






#2:  Never put your dog in the back of a pickup truck without safety restraints or an anchored crate.  Its against the law in most States.  $10,000 fine in California!



#3:  Asphalt heats up quickly, protect your dog’s paws.  If you couldn’t walk on hot pavement barefoot ~ then neither should your dog[s] be subjected to this.

#4:  Ensure your dog has plenty of shade & water at all times ~ Its the Law!







#5:  Keep their water fresh and full & in the ‘shade’ if placed outdoors.

Consider placing Ice Cubes in their water twice/day.

Even freeze their toys to keep them occupied, rewarded and hydrated for hours.

#6:  Summer haircuts:  ‘buzz’ those thick coats off!




#7:  Keep them on a leash at all times!

Especially when going for walks, no matter how well trained.  Lots of squirrels/rabbits, critters that have your dog darting after them.  

#8:  Keep your cocktails and food on high ground….

Out of Reach from your Dog ~ especially when BBQ’ing.


*FYI:  In many States & Provinces it is against the law to force a pet to live without shade, water & food.  

Neighbors can report you & ask for a “Wellness Check” by local authorities [police] and or Animal Control Officers, who have a right to confiscate the dog from you.