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13 Questions Rescue Organizations Will Ask You

Articles13 Questions Dog Rescuers Will Likely Ask You


Rescue Organizations want to ensure that their dogs are matched to good homes.

Don’t be surprised if these dog lovers have as many questions for you as you have for them!

Be prepared to answer honestly to the questions they will have for you.


Why do you want a dog? What particular breed[s] are you interested in & why?


Have you ever owned a dog before? When?  What kind of lifestyle did you afford them & how long did you have each one?


How many hours a day are you typically away from home?

Who will care for the puppy/dog in your absence?


How much time do you expect to devote to your new companion’s care – daily and weekly?


Is everyone in the household in agreement about getting a dog/ puppy?


Who will be the dog’s primary caregiver and disciplinarian?


What activities do you think you’ll want to participate in with your puppy/dog?


Will this dog be expected to interact with children? What are their ages?

Are you planning on bringing all family members to view the puppy/dog?


Are you planning on attending training classes?   Have you researched any?


Are you aware of and prepared for the financial commitment, both in terms of purchasing, spaying & neutering, as well as the costs of long-term care?


Are you planning on giving this dog to someone as a “surprise” gift?


Are you able to provide at least two character references that describe your readiness for dog ownership?


Are you willing to open your home for this dog owner/dog rescue organization to visit [generally known as a “Home Inspecition”], and see the lifestyle and settings, both indoor, outdoor space that your adoptive new dog will be living in?



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