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Adopting Senior Breeds

We Care About Getting Senior Dogs Adopted


  • Did You Know:  That Dogs & Cats relinquished to Shelters are tagged as “Senior” if they are over the age of 3.  Statistics show that their chances of getting re-homed is dramatically reduced by pet lovers seeking younger dogs and cats.



  • We are also passionate about connecting Seniors with loving rescues;  helping the large, black and senior pets find loving homes.


  • Too many dogs & cats over the age of three [3] are overlooked and ignored.  They need forever homes too.





More About Adopting Senior Dogs

Landing in a shelter often isn’t the fault of an older dog at all. Common reasons why adult or senior dogs are given up include the death of the owner, a move where the dog can’t follow, a new baby in the family, the loss of a job, a family member developing allergies or even a change in the work schedule of the owner that doesn’t allow for enough time to care for the dog. Well trained and pure breed dogs might find themselves up for adoption and amazingly, they can wait far longer than other dogs to find a forever home.


“According to shelter and rescue group members in the survey, the absolute hardest pets to place are older dogs and cats. While adorable puppies and kittens seem to have no problem finding new homes, senior pets often spend the longest amount of time at the shelter before being adopted — but many do not get adopted at all… Because of low adoption rates for senior pets, old dogs and cats have higher euthanasia rates or even live out their lives in a shelter kennel,” states Dogtime.


Some Benefits of Senior Dogs

  • Usually you are aware of their health issues in advance
  • Most often they are housebroken
  • They have lower exercise and feeding requirements
  • They are often trained, but still trainable
  • You are helping a furry friend live out his later years

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