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History Origin

The California Spangled cat is a recent breed, developed in the 1970’s by author Paul Arnold Casey Jr. While working in Africa with archaeologist and anthropologist Louis Leakey, Casey witnessed the devastating impacts of leopard poaching. Along with Leakey, he decided to raise awareness of this terrible practice by breeding a cat that resembled a leopard or ocelot. By having a beloved pet that resembled a wild cat, they thought that demand for leopard fur would decline. Casey crossbred many typed of cats to achieve the California Spangled: the Abyssinian, Siamese, Angora, American and British Shorthairs, along with Malaysian and Egyptian street cats. The result was a long, muscular cat that looked like a miniature leopard.


  • Sociable and playful
  • Highly intelligent creatures ~ very trainable and very affectionate.
  • Good with families and other pets
  • Great options for families with children.
  • Does not like to spend extended periods alone
  • Likes to perch up high
  • Active, with a good hunting instinct
  • The California Spangled is a sweet, sociable cat that has the remarkable look of a leopard.
  • These friendly cats adapt easily to new environments and love to explore new places.  They like to pounce and hunt.
  • Good with families and other pets.
  • They are active, intelligent and playful, and do best in a home where they won’t be left alone too long.
  • They like to interact with their human family, so owners should set aside time to play games
    with them at least once a day.
  • They should be given enough space to explore their surroundings
    and play with toys.
  • Despite their leopard appearance, California Spangled cats are completely domestic animals.
  • They are known to often wake up their owners to either snuggle or to play with them.
  • They are known to have a trait for sitting on your shoulder to see exactly what’s going on.

History Personality

The California Spangled is a large size domestic cat breed that originated from United States. It is also known as Spangle.

The Spangled Cat was bred in the 1980s to resemble wild cats like the ocelot and leopard. Although they were initially expensive due to their rarity, the breed has since been overshadowed by the Ocicat and Bengal.

Did You History Know?

  • California Spangled cats were very popular throughout the 70’s and 80’s.
  • It’s appearance on the Neiman Marcus Christmas catalogue in 1986 created a popular need from the public to acquire one.
  • The California Spangled is a rare breed, on the brink of disappearance.
  • They resemble a Bengal or Ocicat, with their spotted coat.
    Although they look like a wild cat, they are docile and sociable, yet have a strong hunting
    The California Spangled made its first appearance to the public on the cover of the 1986
    Neiman Marcus Christmas catalogue
  • They are probably the only cats ever to have been sold through a Neiman Marcus catalogue.
  • The creation of the breed came with the intent of preserving wild cats across the world.
  • There are waiting lists to acquire these cats with price tags known for a kitten of up to $2,500.  *Check our Cat Adoptables for this Breed.  We do not support Breeders as we have over 40,000+ kittens & Cats in need of a loving home.   So much cheaper to rescue this breed.


The California spangled cat has a long, medium-sized body and leopard-like spots on its coat. These cats are muscular and strong. They have large, inquisitive eyes and an agile gait.

Their wild appearance is sought after ~ their appearance giving one to feel like they have a miniature leopard in their home.

However, they are rare creatures and they’re not readily available when you wish to acquire one.

Advantages Challenges
Very active and playful Hard to acquire
Generally very healthy Not hypoallergenic
Very intelligent
Great with small children

Did you know cat hair isn’t the cause of reactions by people sensitized to cat allergens?

The primary cause is an allergen produced in cats’ saliva.   These allergens are spread to cats’ hair through grooming, which are then shed into the environment.

Appearance & Coat

The are spotted, resembling a leopard and/or the Ocelot Cat Breed.

This breed of cat is known for their long, lean, muscular ~ medium-sized body and leopard-like spots on its coat.

California Spangles are muscular and strong.

They have large, inquisitive eyes and an agile gait.

They have short and spotted coat that has minimal shedding and this is one breed that only needs moderate grooming.

Their fur comes in a variety of colors, including bronze, gold, blue, brown, charcoal, red, black, silver and white.

Eyes are usually a deep copper or bronze.

They are renowned for their wide, well-defined and prominent cheekbones.

This curious and loyal cat breed typically weighs 12 – 15 pounds for males, 10 – 13 pounds for females and has a………..

Lifespan 9-16 years.