Sphynx Cat

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Canada & Europe


This sweet-natured, lively cat is inquisitive and loves being the center of attention. A devoted, affectionate feline, the Sphynx follows her human companions everywhere, purring with delight. This breed does not do well when left alone all day. The Sphynx is a healthy, hardy cat.


This cat’s tireless search for warmth means it particularly appreciates being carressed and petted, especially by warm hands! You will often find it under the covers, curled up against you.


The Sphynx cat needs daily play sessions. It’s an active cat that requires a lot of stimulation, whether it’s through activities on its own or interactive games with owners.


Sphynx is a playful cat, but it also has its quiet moments when it likes to rest on its own, in a warm and cozy spot (It will take care astonishingly good care of its own space).


Its vivacity and curiosity make this a clever cat that will not cease to amaze you!

Fearful / wary of strangers

The Sphynx tends to greet guests at the door. It can be a little reserved at first, but its curiosity quickly takes over. It will quickly become the main attraction at all parties!


This feline is quite capable of fending for itself, but it certainly prefers the presence of family members with whom it likes to snuggle to keep warm.




Did You Know?

Though mostly a hairless breed, some Sphynx have a fine down on their body. Despite being hairless, the Sphynx requires weekly sponge baths to remove sebaceous oils from their skin, as they do not have hair to absorb the oils like most cats. If the oils are not wiped down, these cats could feel sticky to the touch and could develop skin problems.

Did you know cat hair isn’t the cause of reactions in people sensitized to cat allergens? The primary cause is an allergen produced in cats’ saliva. These allergens are spread to cats’ hair through grooming, which are then shed into the environment.

Appearance & Coat

Hairless, though some have a fine down
White, black, blue, red, cream, chocolate, lavender, cinnamon and fawn, plus various patterns and shadings


Sphynx and Rex Cats are very prone to heart problems, joint issues, bad teeth and severe digestive issues. They also tend to be very susceptible to fungal infections. These are expensive breeds to care for properly.