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Considerations Before ADOPTing a DOG[s]

A dog can be a loving companion, an exercise partner, a goofy buddy and a lot more. Although dogs are considered to be mushy animals, dog ownership is not an easy task. Training your pup and caring for it requires a lot of time and money, and dog adoptions is a big decision and shouldn’t be taken lightly.

There are several aspects and areas to think about before you adopt dogs.

If your dog is forced to spend extended periods alone, you may want to wait until your new best friend has a pack mate to partner with throughout the day/night.  Its cruel to leave a dog alone.  They are a ‘pack’ animal and need to feel connected and part of something.

Of these, 12 have been listed as follows:


Take Your Time:  It’s a Serious Commitment

With all of the adorable fur babies in need of homes, you might be tempted to make a snap decision. However, it will be better for your future furry BFF if you put a lot of thought into it. For example:

  • do you live in an apartment or a house with a yard?
  • Does your family travel a lot?
  • Who will be there to let your dog out when you’re not home?
  • Do your siblings want a new dog as much as you do?

If the answers to all these questions fall in your favor, then you should consider adopting.


Adopting means Adopting from a Rescue or Shelter

6 Million Dogs & Cats are turned into Shelters every year & as many as 50% are euthanized.

Pet stores cause countless animals to suffer and hence you should adopt dogs from a shelter instead where you will get free dogs for adoption. Even though there are many wonderful dogs waiting in shelters for someone to adopt them, breeders and pet stores continue to produce and sell animals just to make money. For every dog bought from a pet store or breeder, a dog in a shelter has to be put to sleep.



Make sure you can afford a dog.  There are monthly expenses

Dog adoptions can be pretty expensive, and they require a lot of care which can quickly add up to spending big bucks. Being responsible for a dog includes ensuring provisions of regular and emergency visits to the vet, grooming, treats, high-quality dog food, bedding, harness and dog collar, etc.



Spaying and/or Neutering Is a MUST!

Every year 6 to 8 million animals in the U.S. are left at animal shelters, and half of them are put to sleep just because there aren’t enough good homes for them all. Can you imagine if you were killed simply because there wasn’t enough room for you in the world? The only way to help stop this is to make sure that no more unwanted puppies are born.


Microchipping and ID Tags

Its highly likely that your dog may tend to wander off and get lost or may run away. It will become nearly impossible to find him even in case of any mishap or accident. Hence, the dog tags help people connect you with your dog. Dog tags should have the dog’s name and at least two phone numbers to contact in case of such a situation. Micro-chipping is done by a vet and helps get your dog back home. If you move then, you should update the company with the changed address and details.


Dogs need Dental Care too & It Can be Expensive

Dental health is very important for a dog, and hence one should ensure that his teeth are brushed several times a week. The toothbrush can be introduced gradually, and it can be made into a fun exercise by providing a reward at the end of it.



Dogs need regular Manicures & Pedicures

Their nails have to be trimmed regularly to ensure they don’t break off, get snagged on something or get so long that they interfere with normal walking making it uncomfortable for the dog to move around. If their nails grow too long, it can affect their gait or nervous system.


Oh….The Fur & the Dog Hair

Brushing dogs regularly helps prevent nasty matting and increases circulation to the skin which keeps it healthy! Spending that quality time together can also be a nice bonding experience. Some pups need professional grooming, so sit down with your parents and read up on how much upkeep your new friends coat will need. Dogs don’t really need baths very often. Its only necessary if they have a skin condition or if they roll in something smelly or dirty.

Check out SaveARescue’s list of Hypo-Allergenic Breeds [dozens to choose from] if you or a family member has pet allergies.


Quality Food & a Solid Diet is Important

Some foods that are fine for people to eat can be poisonous to dogs. High up on the list is chocolate- but that’s not all. There are lots of human foods that could also be harmful like onions, grapes, raisins, macadamia nuts, and more. It is also important to feed your pup high-quality dog food and treats and be careful not to overfeed them. Over-feeding your dog can cause obesity which is a reason for major health problems and it makes them very uncomfortable.



Dogs Need to be Entertained

When you adopt a dog, it is very important to pup- proof your home. Keep all harmful stuff, chemicals and important things you don’t want chewed upon hidden in places your dog will not reach. Ensure that you have enough of toys that your adopted dog can play with and keep himself from boredom.  Boredom is the #1 cause for dogs ‘mouthing’ and destroying objects, usually your precious belongings.  Don’t blame the dog!



Dogs Need Exercise, Some breeds more than Others

It is a known fact that dogs require exercise, but the extents vary. A dog requires at least one long walk every day. You should play games like fetch and hide and seek with him when you get home in order to release some free-flowing wild dog energy.

Need for love and affection

A dog’s life is much, much shorter than a humans average lifespan. Hence treat your adopted dog with immense love and affection every single day.

Adopting a dog is no less than that of adopting a child. Be sure to consider everything before you take on the responsibility of adopting a dog.