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APET Rescue

Edwards, CA

APET Rescue & Kennels Inc., provides public instruction and educational information useful to the individual and beneficial to the community while lessening the burden to the government/military. APET provides humane, no kill assistance with lost, abandoned, stray, sick and/or injured animals as well as animals from military families who are unable to take their pet with them due to the call of duty in service of our nation, ultimately making Edwards community and surrounding counties better places to live and work. APET Volunteers maintain and run an all volunteer, private, nonprofit, no kill animal rescue organization and adoption facility where animals are provided with veterinary care, immunizations, microchips as well as spays/neuters and then placed in permanent loving homes within the community. Although APET is a primarily a temporary home to cats and dogs, we do tend to the occasional bird, turtle, chinchilla, or any other domestic animal. APET is also readily available to provide for animals in need if/when disaster (fire/earthquake/flood/etc) strikes. APET works in cooperation with Edwards environmental Management to care for injured wildlife until it can be released or a suitable wildlife rescue can be found. Thru rescue and rehabilitation efforts, APET has established a network with fellow rescues as well as the local community, which assists in appropriately placing animals, domestic and indigenous alike, when the need arises. We also provide the youth of the community the opportunity to get involved with positions of responsibility within the organization thru our Youth Committee Program. Youth are afforded the opportunity to work with a myriad of species and practice leadership skill with their fellow peers.