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Arizona Shih Tzu and Small Breed Rescue

Phoenix, Arizona

Arizona Shih Tzu Rescue is an all foster all volunteer Not For Profit 501(c)3 dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation, and rehoming of Shih Tzu as well as other small and mixed breeds of all ages and medical need. We have been known to take a bigger dog or two who are facing euthanasia with nowhere else to go as well as newborn kittens and cats strangers have dropped off at our doorstep with no where else to go. In 2016, we welcomed into our rescue close to 1,000 dogs. We provided the medical care, rehabilitation and carefully screened "forever families" for each one of them. Each dog that passes through our doors receives at the minimum complete medical care including Veterinarian visits, spay/neuter, all vaccinations, microchip and professional grooming. We rely solely on adoption fees and donations as there is no promised funds for this rescue. Kibble is a constant need for us. Not only do we feed our own little ones, but give back to the families that have fallen on tough times and reach out to us as they are need of kibble for their own dogs or cats as well as the homeless who take companionship in having a buddy ~ when we see them, we gift them with not only the basics for themselves, but food for their dog(s) as well. We can't tell you how so very thankful we would be to be the receiver of your generosity!