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Bayou Bully Rescue

West Monroe, Louisiana

Shelters in Louisiana will not adopt bully breeds directly to the public, and will only release them to qualifying rescue organizations. Dogs that are not adopted will be put down, no matter the temperament, health, or age. Bayou Bully Rescue was born out of the desire to see these normal, average, typical pups get the same opportunities for a happy life as any other breed. Every dog that comes to BBR is given a fresh start. All dogs are fully vetted and screened by professional trainers for behavior with other animals and people before adoption. Due to health or other issues, some dogs remain in BBR care for the rest of their lives. Once fostered by BBR, all efforts will be made to accommodate their needs to insure a healthy, happy life. BBR has rescued and re-homed more than 400 dogs to date. Bayou Bully Rescue is a totally volunteer 501-c3 organization, and depends on the donations of supporters and dog lovers to continue to provide this opportunity for otherwise hopeless dogs. We at BBR thank you for your continued support.