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Bergen County Protect and Rescue

Cliffside Park, NJ

This shelter is so dedicated to saving lives of rescues that are neglected, left to die, left on a street corner or tortured. This shelter in 2016 took in over 318 dogs last year and 90% of those animals were adopted withing the year. We put a tremendous focus on fostering to rehabilitate them again for adoption. Many animals that come need to be in a home that can nurture them and allow them to gain trust in human-kind before they are able to be put on PetFinder or Adopt-a-Pet. We are a small shelter with a big heart. In 2016 we were the focus of a rescue mission for 2 local hoarding cases. One dealt with the neglect of 49 dogs and the other with 80 emaciated and neglected cats and one dog. Although they were vetted, they were too sick to survive. We are always looking for food donations and believe as a member of Guide Star, ShelterCount.org and Petfinder.com member, that nurturing animals with love and affection is what they need, along with a balanced diet, to keep them healthy during stressful times. I am the webmaster for this organization and we have a wish list on our home page. www.bcrescues.org that indicates the items that the shelter needs. Food is our main expense on a day-to-day basis for both canines and felines. If I didn't believe in our cause , I wouldn't have donated so much of my time and effort. I know how much help we need and food is a large expense that if subsidized, would allow us to put our focus on rehabilitation and correcting aggressive rescues at intake. I am attaching an image from January 2016 animal hoarding rescue in North Bergen, NJ. The images are graphic but paint the scene of what we believe that every pet deserves a second chance and opt to adopt. I have been volunteering my time at BCPR for the past four years. Thank you, Jodylynn Bachiman