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Cat Pals, Inc.

Hollywood, Florida (FL)

We are a 501c3. We feed fixed colonies (we fix them) based in our community. We have cared for 80 plus cats in a country park for over 23 years. This year we were asked to remove all the cats, a heartbreaking difficult task that has eaten into our budget. Although most of these cats are gone to barns , we still have colonies to feed around the rest of the city. Our volunteers trap, transport to vet for spay/neuter, shots etc and return. Food is out of each volunteer's pocket. Mine alone is about 200 a month, plus my own cats. I would love to be able to supply food to all the volunteers and to one lovely lady in Jacksonville who has taken in 20 of our cats! Please consider helping us! Cindy Martin, Founder Cat Pals, Inc.