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Cny Adopt A Cat

Clay, New York

I have been rescuing for years and over those years have spay and neuter many . One case my vet ask me to help over 20 cats at a barn that was being sold and barn was being tore down the owner was going to trap and bring in to be euthanized I managed to find another barn to take them and still alive today . In the fall of 2016 I was ask to help there were cats and kittens at an abandoned house for four months I drove 25 miles one way and trapped over 30 cats and spayed and neutered and vaccinated all had earmite like I have never seen I drove them all another 25 mile to our clinic and all were treated only five were adoptable the rest have gone to a barn where they can live there life out with food and shelter . One condition for placement at these barns I had to be willing to provide food which I have done but gets very expensive along with other kitty's I am rescuing not much in the way of donation it all comes out of my pocket any help would be wonderful We the kitty's Thank You