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Crossing Paths Animal Rescue Inc.

Locust Fork, AL

Crossing Paths is a non-profit group dedicated to placing abandoned and homeless pets into loving, forever homes. Several times a week, MaryEllen Tidwell, president of the organization, visits high-kill shelters in surrounding counties to remove as many adoptable dogs and puppies as her kennels can accommodate. She also has volunteer fosters who take in dogs to help assist with this effort. Many of the rescues are adopted by families in the Northeast and leave on transports every 3 weeks. After a transport leaves, she returns to the shelters to help by taking in even more. MaryEllen is often contacted by neighbors, friends or even strangers who are aware of her efforts to ask if she can help with homeless animals they've found or which have been brought to their attention. She rarely turns anyone away. If she doesn't have the space she will contact her foster volunteers to help out. Through the years, MaryEllen has enlisted the help of friends and has worked to make Crossing Paths a "well-oiled machine" that includes local vets, pet supply stores, and families of volunteers who share her love and concern for placing the dogs who "cross our paths" into good homes. All adoption fees go directly back into paying for medicine, vet care, food, supplies, construction of kennel areas, etc. She has also worked with a local spay/neuter clinic to provide free spay procedures for Blount County female dogs and cats called "Fix Your Mama". This service has been utilized by many elderly and low income families in our county. She has also worked with our local county shelter to help change it into a more attractive and welcoming adoption center. Crossing Paths would certainly benifit from the extra meals your company could provide. This would allow more monies to be used in other areas such as vet bills, upkeep of grounds, gasoline for transports, and additional kennel areas. We would appreciate your consideration in helping an organization that is close to many hearts in our area and to the families who have adopted from this rescue group.