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Elfie's Refuge

Brooksville, FL

Elfie's Refuge is a hospice for small senior dogs. Our sole mission is to provide our "guests" with love, medical care, and a life-long home. We provide care for between 30-40 senior dogs at our home. There are no kennels; no cages. We have beds, flat screens TVs, fully fenced acres for outdoor enjoyment, and our full attention to make Elfie's Refuge a peaceful, private, and loving environment for the dogs we rescue from shelters. Our efforts are primarily self-funded, with some donations. Any contribution of food would directly benefit our many life-long guests and would make for alternative and positive uses for the limited funds available to us. Our guests at Elfie's Refuge thank you very much for your consideration of providing "eats" for the hungry little ones. regards and yours truly, Elfie's Refuge Barbara Rodriguez Please view our web site at: www.Elfiesrefuge.net