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Helping Shepherds of Every Color.com

Montgomery, AL

Helping Shepherds of Every Color Rescue (Montgomery, AL) is dedicated to decreasing shelter pet euthanasia by taking in dogs (German shepherds and shepherd mixes) into our rescue. We pull the dogs that have health conditions that make them ineligible for adoption through the shelter. In 2016 we took in 115 dogs; 27 were heartworm positive, 3 had broken bones, 8 had mange, 4 litters of puppies, and a number of fearful dogs. We treated all of them (spayed/neutered) and found responsible homes for them. Shelters are usually unable to treat dogs for these conditions because of space/time limitations. We are all volunteer and house all of our dogs in private foster homes. Our greatest expense is veterinary care. Our second greatest expense is dog food. Most of the dogs we pull are underweight or emaciated. 5,000 meals for our dogs would be very much appreciated.