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hotel for dogs and cats

pensacola, FL

Our non-Profit no kill rescue/adoption that has been in business for almost 9 years. The lady who owns The hotel for dogs and cats, Pam Bell, Works 3 jobs and has six children, but manages to keep the hotel going. We are one of the few places in Pensacola that actually has a facility, we do not Foster out, we have our own location to house Furry needy friends. we have a thousand square feet and share space between dogs and cats, Often having to utilize a small space like a bathroom for a mama cat who is going to have babies. we are run strictly on donations and volunteers, we do not have any grants or any other type of help. our little friends could so use the 5000 meals. That would help us tremendously, and let us concentrate on taking more furry friends Into to our facility. Thank you so much. ????