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Ohana Animal Rescue

Tempe, AZ

We are a non profit all breed, high volume, animal rescue. We are 95% volunteer based. For every dollar donated, almost $.90 of that $1 goes directly to the care of animals in our rescue. Our mission is to help animals in shelters across the Southwest, including Mexico; live beyond their euthanasia dates. We give priority to animals at greatest risk of death or dismemberment either in shelters or abandoned. On average we place anywhere from 500-800 animals a year, in loving, happy, healthy lifelong homes. Our commitments to the animals in our rescue, go beyond adoption. We remain as a Forever sanctuary to every animal brought into Ohana Animal Rescue, whether in two days after adoption or two years. We stand ready, able, and willing, to continue the care for or with any animal ever adopted through our organization. Our motto is "when you're Ohana, you're family, and family means, you NEVER get left behind."