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Pat Brody Shelter For Cats

Lunenburg, MA

Pat Brody's love of cats and her concern for the number of strays prompted her to start a shelter in 1984 - the Pat Brody Shelter for Cats in Lunenburg, MA. Although she sadly passed away in 1991, the shelter is still going strong, run by volunteers continuing her work to rescue, shelter, and adopt stray and abandoned cats. The shelter, a non-profit and no kill shelter, houses around 120 cats at a time, and adopts an average of 750 cats out a year! Every cat that comes to the shelter is fixed and brought up to date with shots. Even the sickest of cats are nursed back to health with love and care, and are now living full lives with new families. Up to eighty volunteers donate their time and efforts into keeping the shelter going, from feeding, cleaning and caring for the cats, to helping with fundraising efforts. Nothing is more important to the Pat Brody Shelter than the care and welfare of cats. Thousands of cats have gone through the shelter, with every effort being made to have them safe and happy, not only at the shelter but when they are adopted to loving families as well. The shelter also believes in supporting cats in our local community in a range of different ways, with a Spay-Neuter Program for low income, bringing cats to nursing homes for visits, visiting schools to educate students on the importance of being a responsible pet owner, and creating a community newsletter full of facts, care tips, and photos. The Pat Brody Shelter for Cats is a truly wonderful pillar in the community for all cats. Receiving thousands of meals would be an incredible opportunity, not only to help fill our cupboards that we often rely on community donations to fill, but also to allow the shelter to continue to do what we do best - making a difference to each furry life that passes through its doors.