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Priceless Pets Rescue

Chino Hills, Ca

Priceless Pets Rescue operates out of two store front locations called "The Orphanage". We Also have over 100 fosters families in our community who support us and help us save the lives of thousands of cats and dogs. In 2016 alone, we saved over 1,300 animals! With our foster care program , the rescue provides all food, supplies and medical care. It can add up to a lot of food! But we do our best to make it easy for our foster families and only ask that they provide a loving and caring home for our foster dogs and cats. We also hold many dogs and cats in our store front locations. We rely on donations for their food as well. 5,000 meals would help us continue to save hundreds of dogs! We will be able to continue of mission of "Saving one by one, until there are none".