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Safe and Sound Sanctuary, Inc.

Islip Terrace, NY

Safe and Sound Sanctuary is a no kill non-profit 501c3 animal rescue organization dedicated to providing a safe haven for dogs and cats destined to be destroyed by their owners, rescue groups, shelters and the courts as well as abandoned ones and those born on the streets. Most of the Sanctuary's felines are of the stray and feral population that we care for with housing, veterinary care and routine feeding. We are committed to provide all animals under our care with the best of everything, as we committed ourselves to them for their entire lives. Veterinary expenses and food are a large part of our budget. As the spring season is approaching, kitten season will be in full swing. It is inevitable we will see a large increase in the cats and kittens visiting our feeding stations that we will need to be fed, get veterinary care and get spayed/neutered. It’s always difficult to keep up with the feeding demands of our feeding stations. By winning 5,000 meals for the animals in our care, this will help meet the daily demand for food. Please vote for us. We would be so grateful to win, which will go a long way to help us continue to fulfill our mission to help animals in need.