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Saving One Life

Chandler, Arizona

For nine years, Saving One Life Animal Rescue and Sanctuary has worked to save these animals. In 2016, Saving One Life placed 400 kittens into permanent homes. Although the rescue was able to double the number of rescued felines, the need remains in Maricopa County. This county is currently ranked the second highest in America for euthanasia. Nevertheless, Saving One Life remains focused on rescuing as many felines as possible while providing for all needs that may arise while in the rescue. All animals in the rescue receive love, food, shelter, and medical care. Saving One Life is a volunteer run cat rescue and sanctuary based in the east valley of Phoenix, Arizona. We are a truly no-kill rescue providing hospice care for our cats with terminal illnesses. Our mission is: • To provide shelter and medical care to stray, abandoned, and surrendered felines for the purpose of finding permanent adoptive homes who were at great risk for euthanasia. • To participate in the greater community’s effort to reduce overpopulation by providing TNR (Trap-Neuter-Return) opportunities. • To provide education regarding the need to spay and neuter pets, vaccinate yearly and other responsibilities related to being a pet parent. Saving One Life, advocates the importance of an approach called, trap, neuter, release, or TNR. This program will decrease the number of unwanted felines, and be responsible and humane to the ones that are surviving and thriving on their own. In 2016, Saving One Life was able to TNR ten felines in the community of Chandler. It is the goal of Saving One Life to increase those lives saved to between 40-110 in 2017. This year, the rescue will launch its own TNR initiative called “Operation Snip & Tip”. 5,000 meals would assist us in multiple ways; first it would help alleviate the costs of feeding all of the felines in our charge; second it can assist those in need in our community that might be struggling to feed their pets, but without assistance would not have to surrender their pets to a local shelter; and assist us with being able to TNR felines in our community to reduce the amount of felines being euthanized.