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St. Louis Pet Rescue

Fenton, MO

St. Louis Pet Rescue deserves to be the recipient of the 5,000 meals for many reasons, but I will focus on three: monetary need, dedication/-passion of our volunteers, and recognition of the humanitarian role of our animals in society. First, STLPR has no corporate sponsors. We rely solely on our annual Trivia Night/Silent auction fundraiser, smaller fundraisers throughout the year (bake sales, paint nights, etc.), and the generosity of individuals to provide much needed funding. This is a monstrous task during summer months when monthly vet bills can top $25,000! Second, I challenge anyone to find a rescue that is more dedicated and passionate about their foster animals. All of our animals reside in loving foster homes making us the number one foster-based rescue in St. Louis! Dedicated families help to socialize these pets with other animals and with people, and foster families provide all the love, medical care and training that the foster animals need. Knowing their personalities allows us to match potential adopters with an animal that meets the personality they are looking for. Last summer, one of our dogs turned up in a shelter in Virginia because the family who adopted him moved from St. Louis to a place in Virginia that did not allow pets. Although the shelter offered to keep him and adopt him out, two of our passionate volunteers made the 28 hour round trip drive to bring him back to St. Louis. Two different dedicated volunteers recently made a 12 hour round trip drive to Iowa to place two FELV positive cats in a sanctuary, a supposedly well-equipped facility to deal with their medical issues. Horrified by the deplorable living conditions found at the sanctuary, however, our volunteers returned with our cats along with some highly adoptable cats living at the sanctuary who have since then found loving homes in St. Louis! Dedication and passion are the cornerstones of our organization! Lastly, in rescue one often hears the phrase “rescue saves lives”, but in actuality it is sometimes human lives that are saved. What better example than our little gray “woodpile” kitten named Sid. Sid was living in a woodpile behind a local business when we rescued him. Eightteen hours after observing Sid’s calm and soothing personality, he was introduced to and pre-adopted by a young couple named Kalene and Justin who had contacted us a few weeks earlier. Kalene was looking for a kitten to bring joy into Justin’s life after a horrifying motorcycle accident left Justin a quadriplegic and hospitalized for over two years of his young life. Rescue saved Sid from living a hard life outside, and in return Sid gave Justin a reason to smile again! I could go on and on, but I truly believe our monetary need, dedication and passion, and recognition/utilization of the humanitarian role that our animals play in our society set us apart from other charitable organizations and make us the forerunner among potential recipients of this award!