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The Akita adoption and rescue foundation of midamerica

Melvern, Kansas

AARF has been working for the voiceless, for 29 years. It started with Maryann Schumway raiding an Akita puppy mill, in Centropoulis Kansas 1988. She and her brother took care of all those puppies and got most adopted out to great homes. Randall and myself adopted an Akita from Maryann in late Feb. of 1995. After we went for some classes, we got very close w/ Maryann & Jack, as they were at that time in there 60's. That year Randy & I were turning 40, (him July, me Nov.) both of us always wanted to move to the country, so we did, and took over the rescue.Where we first moved was not our ideal, so we looked, and ended up on BARE land, we spent all of our money on the dog runs, houses, etc. We lived in a pop-up tent/camper, for the first 18 months. (May 1998 Nov. 1999) After we lived in a (nasty) trailer four years, we finally built a small house, (2003). Before we could get the house finished, and we were up to 100 plus dogs, I was in a very bad car accident, hit by a drunk driver, Jan. 21, 2005. I was the the one that financed the operation. (I was making 160,000. or so a year). Then as my income kept declining, ( I am a Cosmetologist), we found out Randall was ill. He died on September 10 2010. There were still 68 dogs mostly Akitas Akita mixes, and other mixed mutts. My income finally bottomed out, and I am on partial disability and have had to down size the rescue, I have a little help once a week. I don't know how to quit, so I continue to do my part, but can always use any contributions, food, money, bodies etc. I am a 50(1)C(3) in good standing, since 2000. Thank-You for your consideration, there is much more to our story, during this time, we have taken in & successfully adopted out 3500/4,000 dogs. We are a NO kill rescue, even when all was bad, I could go outside and get all the unconditional love anyone could ever want, or need. You can't shut that down. Thank-You again, take care. As always Susan Long