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TO Rescue

Montclair, Ca

We rescue the cats/kittens most shelters would put down or other rescue groups look the other way. We rehab extremely sick cats/kittens and give them the opportunity to find loving forever homes. We socialize feral kittens so they have the opportunity to be adopted. We never turn down an animal because it is too sick or too old or because it isn't the right color or breed.. Every cat/kitten deserves the chance to know love and experience having a home. We do TNR and continue to care for those animals long after the spay/neuter is complete. We feed hundreds of stray cats as well as homeless peoples cats so they can keep their animals as they attempt to find a home... Winning the food allows us to have security that our animals will be fed as we are a private nonprofit and do not get any form of funding.. Taking in animals with these types of sickness depletes our money that comes in from adoptions, fundraisers, and donations. We are truly a NO KILL RESCUE so knowing we have enough food gives us some peace of mind that our animals will be fed..