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Whiskers Pet Rescue

Southbury, CT

Whiskers Pet Rescue LOVES their whiskered friends and are there for them no matter what. As a No-Kill Animal Shelter and Not for Profit, Whiskers Pet Rescue is operated entirely by Volunteers who work round the clock to love, care, save, rehabilitate and adopt out our whiskered friends that have been abandoned, injured, abused, or neglected. Many times the care and necessary feed comes directly out of the volunteers funds - often without a lot of planning time due to dire circumstances. Just recently, Whisker's Volunteers had to race a kitty to the animal hospital for burns to most of its body. It would be such a gift to know that there was nutritious meals waiting back at the shelter for the animals to begin their healing. A donation of 5000 meals would enable the volunteers to focus their energy on healing and adopting out the pets instead of worrying about where the next meal would come from. These self-less volunteers work with adoption centers in both Southbury and Waterbury CT and are a PetSmart Charities Adoption Partner. Whiskers Pet Rescuers are a hard-working group of people with a huge passion for helping our whiskered friends. Your vote makes a difference! Thank you from all of us at Whiskers Pet Rescue, and Thank you for your help in loving our special whiskered friends!!!