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Yorkie Luv Rescue is a non-profit organization that rescues animals in need, weather sick, homeless, or injured our volunteers strive to provide them a safe and loving home until they are placed in a forever home. We are dedicated to pulling Yorkies/Mixes or any dog in need from shelters that are not adoptable as well as taking owner surrenders if the owner can no longer care for them. We take every measure to provide a loving home environment and ensure all their needs, medical and otherwise, are met before we begin looking for their Happily Ever After family. Upon intake they will see the vet to get all their shots, spay/neuter, heart worm test, fecal test, microchip and other medical treatments they may need. Once they have recovered, we then begin the process to find them the perfect new home. From time to time a dog is considered unadoptable for a variety of reasons such as permanent medical conditions, emotional issues and even age. Sometimes this is apparent before we rescue, other times it is not. These dogs still deserve a loving home and good quality of life. In the Forever Ours program we provide ongoing medical care while they spend the remainder of their life with their foster family. Yorkie Luv Rescue is committed to finding loving, happy homes for every dog in our rescue whether it be through adoption or in the Forever Ours Program. But of course, we could not do this without our volunteers. As you might imagine the cost associated with caring for pets consumes our entire budget. It would be of great assistance if we can receive additional assistance like pet food to continue providing hope for these wonderful animals. We truly appreciate your generosity.