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Where and When Does Save A Rescue Transport Dogs & Cats from High Kill Shelters?

We transport dogs and cats  from all the Shelters listed in Southern & Central California. We begin at Shelters & rescues as far South as San Diego and travel as far North as Burlington, Washington, and possibly into Canada, if pre-arranged pick-ups are across the border into Canada.    We work to coordinate and transport 2-4 times/month.

Please See our Listings under “Pick-Up Shelters” pages listed on our website.
We have and continue to create ‘partnerships’ with Rescue Organizations, Shelters and Sanctuaries in Oregon, Washington, and hopefully even up into Canada in the coming months.
We work closely to coordinate, and depending on the established dates to transport, our ‘partners’ in the Pacific North West let us know how many dogs, and or cats, they are able to take from us. Everything is coordinated and pre-arranged.
It is our goal, with financial support, to create transports every two weeks, with two vans, making 4 total transports/month.

Travel Time Lines  clock-12pm

We pre-arrange pick-ups from any of our seventeen [17] Shelters, depending on their ‘overload’, and work closely with them to be sure the dogs & cats are up to date on shots, have their medical records ready, and are healthy enough to handle the transportation and are not caring any transferable diseases.



Stops Along the Route  Dog4

We may create, where space allows, to pickup more dogs and cats along our route to the North.

We always travel with 2 drivers who can trade-off driving duties, as it is our greatest concern to keep the dogs & cats on board in minimum stress, comfortable and able to make the trip as easily and as comfortably as possible.  The pets are withheld food for a few hours before the trip, but will always have water and blankets in their crates.  Our vans are also heated and air conditioned to keep them comfortable.  We will check on each pet’s condition along the route, and work diligently to drive through, except for gas refills, and bathroom breaks.

Travel is always dependent on traffic and weather conditions.  We will be in communication with our receiving ‘partners’ with the closes ETA times and have plenty of Volunteers on hand at both the loading and unloading of all dogs & cats.


Requirements for Transporting Each Dog or Cat         Paperwork1                      

We have a page dedicated to our  Transportation Requirements you can find on our website.  Please print and complete it in it’s entirety before submitting for consideration.  Thank you!
Our transport services are provided to any licensed Shelter in Calilornia and/or Rescue Organization.
We will always consider transporting and working with Rescue Groups who are in need of our life saving services.
In order to help us help you we require all new rescue partners to complete our application and contract and return it back to us.
Your organization must complete these forms and be approved BEFORE submitting a transport request.   Please feel free to call us anytime to help you get approved and allow us to help you. We also welcome all correspondence and communication via email at:  Bev@SaveARescue.org
When you have submitted your application and been approved by us, you will now be ready to submit a Transport Request.   Phone calls are welcomed to discuss and reserve.  Space is reserved on a first come first served basis.
**Please read through our TRANSPORTATION REQUIREMENTS page before submitting a transport request.

What do you charge for transport?

We do not charge our Rescue or Shelter partners for our services.
In exchange for our free service, we ask that your organization spread the word about our service, mention us in your social media posts, and list Save A Rescue as a partner or supporter on your website.
If we are transporting an animal directly to an adopter, we require a donation of $100 from the animal’s adopter. Please help us continue our live-saving transports by informing your adopters of this policy.

Do You Take The Pets Out For Potty Breaks?  


Once the animals are put into a carrier on the bus, we typically do not let them out until we meet the receiver. . Our objective is to get all of the animals safely to their delivery locations and into the hands of the receiver as soon as is possible. Stopping to walk 40-65+ dogs and or cats in the middle of the night is problematic in many ways.
We would love to give them this luxury, but “Plan B” is that if the dogs or cats could choose either one day in a carrier with some minor discomfort vs. having just escaped ‘death’s door’ to be euthanized at the Shelter they came from, they would choose the former. We respectfully recognize that not everyone might agree with our assumptions. This is the best way we operate for now, given the number of reasons.  We hope in the future we can establish a midway point, a farm, or fenced sanctuary where the dogs/cats could relieve themselves for awhile before carrying on.  In a perfect world we will create this ASAP.


If an animal’s carrier is a mess, our coordinator will change the bedding or move the animal to a clean carrier. If your animal arrives needing a bath please pardon his/her condition as the price for life. We ask that you do not feed the dog within 8 hours of transport in order to avoid messy accidents. We will always have a full water bowl hung on the carrier door and we will feed a light dry dog food (supplied by us) or wet cat food (supplied by you) during the later part of the trip.
Our transport staff remain with the loaded van until all the dogs and cats are delivered.