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Game of Thrones and Dog Breeds

Game of Thrones and Dog Breeds

In its final 8th season with numerous awards, this international series appeal for medieval realism, characters, and political intrigue, the fantastical actors can lend themselves to us comparing them to particular dog breeds with similar characteristics.

We thought it would be fun to create a comparative list.  Enjoy!

Neapolitan Mastiffs  & Hodor

These two are noble and gentle giants, guarding the family and fearlessly defending their territories.  Both Neapolitan Mastiffs  and Hodor display deeply protective instincts.

Miniature Pinschers & Ayra:

Lovely, highly energetic tomboys the “Min Pin” [nick name] certainly has similar characteristics to the GOT “Ayra”. Like the Pinscher, Arya is a loving sibling, a devoted family member with a very brave outlook. Similarly, the Pinscher’s scary exterior hides their inner kindness that is seen and known by those close to both the breed and Arya.

Shih Tzus & Sansa:

Both are beauty magnets that exude the attitude of a beautiful royalty demonstrating gracefulness, intelligence, smarts and can be very witty. Like her Shih Tzu companion, Sansa is beloved by many, calm, alert, and extremely loyal.

Rottweilers & Bolton:

Bolton being a dark character in the series emanates the initial sense that Rottweilers give off to newcomers.  Both are fearless in fighting rivals, and seemingly always planning and scheming.  While Rottweilers appear to have Bolton’s ‘dark’ scheming quality, they are sweet, loyal, courageous, and heroic, if forced into action.


Pugs & Tyrion:

Considered the most important character in the Game of Thrones series, Tyrion proves ‘Big Things Come In Small Packages”.  Magnetic, persistent and committed Tyrion displays the similar characteristics of the gregarious “Pug Breed”. A full bag and mix of personalities both demonstrate similar lovable stubbornness and lifelong dedication and faithfulness to their master[s].

Cane Corso Italianos & Drogo:

Big and scary.  Leading the huge warrior clan Dothraki in fictional Essos, Drogo is unafraid in battle and an incredible leader. Similarly, the Cane Corso Italiano both are strongly built, courageous, imposing and have instinctive and keen  hunting abilities.  Neither man nor beast backs away from any advisory.


Collies & Brienne of Tarth:  

Both Noble & beautiful Tarth & Collies stand elegant and proud and ready for battle. While Collies are among the most beautiful dog breeds, they are also very energetic, ready to go, faithful, and smart.

Finnish Spitz & Tormund:

Spitz’s display similar qualities to the character Tormund.  Both show willfulness as powerful warriors, great leadership skills within the pack and tribe and a sense of independence.  Both man and Spitz like to be active and living a life of purpose and have the physical looks of their ancient ancestors in Northern hemispheres.

Yorkshire Terrier & Ryckon:

Extremely intelligent, magnet and adorable both Ryckon and Yorkshire Terriers are very similar in numerous ways.   Both are sweet, bright, magnetic and you want to hold and cuddle them. Loyal, quick studies and learners Ryckon and Yorkies and look the same throughout their youth as when they become adults.

Saint Bernards & Sam Tarly:

Both this well known giant breed and Sam draw attention for their size and presence wherever they appear.  Both are known for being lovable, faithful, and smart.  Both tend to be laid back and easy-going until called into service where they excel at finding, rescuing and bringing home whomever needs a ‘way back’.

‘Game of Thrones’ also has story lines which highlight creatures called ‘Direwolves’ who are the bigger and stronger cousins of present-day wolves. These Direwolves are suggestive of contemporary dog breeds which exhibit wolf-like qualities: ‘Ghost’ – Siberian Husky; ‘Grey Wind’ – Afghan Hound; ‘Lady’ –Samoyed; ‘Nymeria’ – Akita; ‘ShaggyDog’ – Shiba Inu; and ‘Summer’ – Alaskan Malamute.

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