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How Fast Can Dogs Run?

Afghan Hound       Borzoi             Greyhound                Saluki                 Whippet

All of the above Breeds were bred for their speed, and aren’t they also stunning!  WOW!

Can you guess which one is the fastest?


Running speed of dogs is dependent on a lot of factors, as they are the #1 species that has the most variations of dody sizes, leg lengths, lung capacity, etc and then of course age and health are considerations as well.


But coming in 1st is The Greyhound breed which can hit up to 45 miles per hour ~ making them the world’s fastest dog, with the recorded fastest speed of 50.5 mph.


While streamlined greyhounds and other fast breeds, such as Salukis and Afghan hounds, appear to have been designed for speed as sight hounds ~ all dogs have the ability to make their bodies more aerodynamic when they run, either by flattening their ears to decrease wind resistance or pushing them back to avoid getting tripped up.


Did You Know?

The way dogs move their legs also changes when they run.

A walking dog moves his right legs and left legs together, while a running dog leaps with his front legs and back legs paired ~  allowing them to accelerate more.