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American Pit Bull Terrier

Green Mile Dog Rescue is a non-profit rescue relying on donations and foster homes in Florida. We strive to save dogs off of the Green Mile (Death Row). Most of our dogs were hours from euthanasia at high kill shelters. We will save any breed, but our main focus is Mastiffs (especially rare breed) Neapolitans, Cane Corso, Fila Brasailero, Dogo Argentino, Tibetan Mastiff, South African Boerboel, Presa Canario, Leonberger and will also rescue Bully Breeds (English Bulldogs, Bull Terriers, etc.)These are usually the most misunderstood when in a shelter environment because even though they are big and powerful, they tend to shut down in stressful situations and become defensive. One growl out of them and they are marked for death. The euthanasia statistics in this country are astronomical and saddening. I do believe i can make a difference in the lives of these magnificent animals.

P.O. Box 11265 College Station TX 77845 United States

Long Way Home Pit Bull Rescue is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that rescues, rehabilitates, and rehomes social, healthy pit bulls. Based out of the Bryan/College Station, Texas area, LWHPBR welcomes pit bulls from kill shelters all over the state, and in some cases, even nationwide. We have made a name for ourselves as the rescue who does not shy away from difficult cases  we lean in to difficulty and embrace the challenges. We have helped over 100 pit bulls since our founding in 2011 and with the help of our followers, our important work only continues to grow. Long Way Home Pit Bull Rescue was founded in 2011 when two pit bulls were found burned and left for dead on the side of the road. While one of the dogs went to the Texas A&M Small Animal Hospital and was later adopted by one of their staff members, the other Esperanza  was brought to Aggieland Animal Health Center & Pet Resort where the executive director of Long Way Home Animal Sanctuary worked. While many might have given up due to time and/or funds, Esperanza was willing to fight for her life and we were too. Esperanza raised approximately $10,000 for her extensive wound care and maintenance, made a name for herself in the local community, and brought a positive light to how resilient and forgiving this amazing breed is. Esperanza won her battle over death and was adopted by Gwendolyn Inocencio, the executive director of LWH Animal Sanctuary in 2011. Because of Esperanza and a group of very passionate animal welfare advocates, Long Way Home helped change the perception of pit bulls in the Brazos Valley and aided in the change of euthanasia policies in the two local shelters. That fall, in honor of our sweet Esperanza and the other LWH Animal Sanctuary pit bulls, Long Way Home welcomed its first class of adoptable pit bulls and began the creation of what is now known as our Long Way Home Army & Family! Since then, we have gone on to save approximately 100 more pit bulls while continuously strengthening our bond with local Texas shelters and growing our vast network of pit bull loving supporters! In 2014, we welcome Stephanie Kotick, M.P.A., as our President & Program Director and Amanda Dowell, our Vice President and Program Director. For about a year and a half, these two women ran Long Way Home Pit Bull Rescue and took it from a ?one dog at a time? organization to a sustainable entity with a flush foster roster of individuals looking to open their homes and hearts to homeless pit bulls in need. In the latter part of 2015, Stephanie and Amanda were accompanied by three new staff members ? Breanna Frasier, our Events & Fundraising Coordinator; Madden Murphy, our Volunteer & Donations Coordinator; and Matthew Sanders, our PR Director. This group brings creativity, passion, and expertise to our organization and we are looking forward to our future together!

Our mission to promote the well-being of homeless dogs including, but not limited to the American Pit Bull Terrier by means of rescuing, finding suitable homes, educating the public, & advocating on their behalf.

VOTSDR is a registered non-profit organization which specializes in American Pitbulls & American Staffordshire Terriers. All breeds are accepted.

ABC’s of Bullies is a small bully rescue group in Ohio of volunteer foster homes dedicated to helping homeless dogs. We also focus on educating owners, and the public on bully breeds, Breed Specific Legislation, and more. We support our cause through adoption fees, fundraising, and donations.

P.O. Box 191 Bronx NY 10464 United States

Adore-A-Bullie Paws and Claws was born from the passion of a small group of individual rescuers. We were overwhelmed with sadness for the large number of companion animals surrendered to the NYC shelter system each day and felt we needed to do something to help

West Monroe LA 71292 United States

Bayou Bully Rescue is a 501 c 3 non-profit organization. We only pull from high kill shelters where most dogs await their kill date. We are always in need for old blankets, food and water bowls, dog food, kennels, building materials, bleach, etc. Please donate if you can! We always need with funds for vet bills. We can’t do this on our own and would greatly appreciate any help we can get. These babies depend on us.

P.O. Box 888257 Atlanta GA 30356 United States

BullsEye Rescue, Inc. is a non-profit, licensed Georgia rescue committed to improving the lives and reputations of breeds typically classified as “Bullies” (Pit Bull Terriers, Staffordshire Bull Terriers, American Bulldogs, Bull Mastiffs, Rottweilers and mixed varieties of these breeds and others).

PO Box 285 Fredericksburg VA 22404 United States

A 501(c)3 non-profit all volunteer dog rescue group focusing on pit bulls and other misunderstood bully breed type dogs. Based in Fredericksburg, VA, they have an active membership of volunteers and foster families throughout Virginia, Maryland, and the District of Columbia. They work with VA, MD, and DC shelters to save dogs who are at risk of euthanasia and place them in foster homes where they are rehabilitated, trained, and socialized before they are placed in permanent adoptive homes.

100 Lone Pine Trail Lapeer MI 48446 United States

Detroit Bully Corps is a 501(c)(3) non-profit public charity dedicated to helping and advocating for abused, neglected and homeless dogs through education, adoption, rehabilitation and training. We advocate for Bully Breeds, especially the American Pit Bull Terrier and any strain of the Molosser category of canine. We are located in Lapeer, about an hour north of Detroit, Michigan. The foundation of our program is education. Without education on spay/neuter, breed specific legislation (BSL), training, breed specific workshops, the dog fighting culture and responsible ownership, the epidemic will never end. Rescue is a mere bandage in the overall scale of the canine epidemic. Shelters are overrun, rescues are overflowing and society is in need of education. For every one spot we fill in our program, we turn away 50. We average 20-25 canines at any given time and 90% of our rescue population is comprised of the American Pit Bull Terrier. We work with canines from any and every background, whether it be a surrendered family pet, bait dog, seasoned fighter or the abused. We are a no-kill rescue/rehabilitation in that we will never euthanize for space. We, as a moral, ethical and objective organization, will NOT adopt out a canine that is a threat to society. We are advocates of the American Pit Bull Terrier, as such we will not add to the epidemic by being irresponsible.

P.O. Box 246 Wenonah NJ 08090 United States

Don’t Bully Us is a non-profit organization located in New Jersey. We are a foster based pit bull and bully breed rescue. Our mission is to rescue, educate, and promote responsible lifetime ownership. Our vision is a society with compassion and kindness toward pit bull type dogs. We will help build a community without prejudice and breed specific legislation.

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P.O. Box 720008 San Diego CA 92172 United States

It?s The Pits is a 501c3 canine rescue that coordinates the fostering and adoption of dogs that haven?t found their permanent home. We specialize in American Staffordshire Terriers (?Am Staffs?) and American Pit Bull Terriers, but will do our best to help all breeds, often by referral to other local rescues that specialize in that type of dog. You can find many of these on our links page. We are located in San Diego County, as our many of our foster homes that we work with to give the animals a temporary and loving home before they are placed into permanent situations. We rescue dogs from various shelters, evaluate them, ensure they are healthy and match them with the appropriate family. We take pride in finding the correct dog for the families that contact us by matching the activity level of the dog to the family?s needs and making sure that other pets in the family work well with the new addition to the pack. All of this is important in finding forever homes for our rescued pets.

P.O. Box 4277 Downey CA 90240 United States

Our mission is to help as many needy animals?as we can with the?limited resources we have. We?focus?mainly on the?sick, injured, disabled, and what some people?might?consider to be?”unadoptable” animals, who are at most risk of being euthanized (killed) at our local?animal shelters. We are an all-breed rescue, but have a?soft spot in our hearts for the “bully breed” dogs, who are also known as American Pit Bull Terriers and American Staffordshire Terriers. These two breeds are very misunderstood and over the years have been given a bad reputation due to false information given by the media. “Pit Bulls” and “Staffies” make wonderful family pets, and are very smart and loyal.

Pompano Beach FL 33060 United States

We have been rescuing, rehabilitating and re-homing animals for over 20 years. We keep hundreds of dogs from being euthanized. We treat dogs that need surgeries that others can’t afford. We educate the public about specific breeds.

Our mission is to rescue the unwanted and misunderstood Bully breeds(Pit Bulls, Staffordshire Terriers, Bull Terriers, Rottweilers, Dobermans, Bulldogs, Mastiffs, etc.)

P.O. Box 575 Elmira CA 95625 United States

Pits R’ Us is a 501c3 nonprofit organization. Our purpose is to aid stray, abandoned, and neglected animals. We rescue death row dogs from Solano County Animal Shelter and try to take every medical case so they can have a chance to heal and get ready for their fur ever homes!

We are a nonprofit bully breed rescue, striving to educate the public on all the wonderful aspects, and importance, of responsible dog ownership. Bully breed dogs are some of the most loyal, affectionate, and fun best friends you will ever have!

Bartlesville OK 74004 United States

We Are A Boston Terrier And Bully Breed Rescue. After Spending Many Years Taking In Boston?s Off Of the streets, Or Saving Them From Puppy Mills And Other bad situations, Getting them the medical attention that they needed for their well-being and their survival, I decided I wanted to Do More. The Love An Animal Gives Is Priceless. Each and Every Animal Deserves the love and respect Of An Amazing Family. Canines Truly Are Man?s Best Friend. They Are Loyal And Love Unconditionally.. Our Mission Is to Help As Many Boston Terrier And Other Bully Breeds As We Possibly Can. Help them To Get Medical Attention they Need if they are Sick Or Injured So they Can Live Long And Happy Lives, Spay And A Neuter. Rehabilitate Those He need It. Show them Love and Affection, Help them Find Loving Forever Homes With Families Who Will Love And Cherish Them Forever.

Levittown PA 19058 United States

A rescue that works with Doberman Pinschers and Pitbulls (including but not limited to Cane Corso, Presa Canario, Staffordshire terriers and American Pitbull terriers).

P.O. Box 11158 Cincinnati OH 45211 United States

Adore-A-Bull Rescue is non-profit corporation, which has 501(c)(3) taxable contribution status with the IRS. We serve the greater Cincinnati and tri-state area by rescuing dogs and puppies (specifically pit bulls and their mixes) from high kill shelters where they would have no other hope. We provide all of our rescue dogs with comprehensive veterinary care which includes and is not limited to; vaccinations, spay/neuter, microchipping and heartworm testing and treatment prior to placing them with loving families. We firmly believe that the American Pit Bull Terrier, a dog with a once noble past, is deserving of rescue, rehabilitation and a loving home.

P.O. Box 592978 San Antonio TX 78259 United States

Our mission is to save the lives of abandoned, abused, misused, and unloved Pit Bulls and other bully breed types; find loving homes for those that are homeless; rehabilitate the challenged; provide refuge for the needy; educate the community on Pit Bulls and other bullies; responsible care and handling of these dogs, to rid the negative stigma involving Pit Bulls.

7708 Matthews Mint Hill Rd. Mint Hill NC 28227 United States

The American Pit Bull Foundation bases adoption decisions on situations that we feel will best suit the dog or puppy involved. APBF does not discriminate against race, sex, religion, sexual orientation, or skin color. We do reserve the right to deny anyone adoption privileges based on our application process and assessment. APBF also often covers the cost for medical treatments of our adoptable dogs and puppies such as Heartworm treatment, hospitalization, orthopedic surgeries, and treatment for minor issues such as skin allergies and ear infections. All APBF dogs and puppies are kept current on their vaccinations, Heartworm and Flea medications, are spayed or neutered and microchipped.

Ascension Parish LA 70704 United States

We are a volunteer rescue organization based in southern Louisiana, Ascension Parish, committed to saving as many rescue dogs as we can. We are advocates for Pit Bulls and want to help restore their standing as “America’s Dog.” Please join us in helping these proud dogs and contact us at americasdogpbr@yahoo.com. We will help any way we can, anywhere in the world!!! Thank you!!! WE ARE THE PIT BULL NATION!!!

It is the mission of the Babes and Bullies to advocate and promote awareness regarding the humane animal treatment of the bully breeds and insure that its reputation is perceived in a positive light by correcting the myths about pit bulls & bully breeds through outreach, education, community relationships, rescue and rehabilitation.

Monroe WA 98272 United States

We rescue pit bulls from high-kill shelters, tend to their medical and emotional needs, and provide them with a full and balanced living environment while they go through our detailed, results oriented training and rehabilitation program.

Buster’s & Foster’s Haven. Inc. was formed in June of 2010 in loving memory of two pit bulls who passed over to the rainbow bridge, Buster and Foster. We are based out of Springhill, FL but are statewide. We are dedicated to rescuing Pit Bulls and Pit Bull mixes from shelters that have been slated for euthanasia. We strive to save the lives of those who would be considered ambassadors of the breed. We are not a shelter or a kennel.

P.O. Box 1645 Scott LA 70583 United States

Cajun Paws Rescue is primarily a ?pit bull? rescue located in Lafayette, Louisiana with foster homes throughout Acadiana. Our goal is to rehome neglected, abused, and unwanted dogs and place them into a positive family environment where they will spend the rest of their lives. We are a non-profit organization that is supported solely on donations. We believe that this breed of dog has been discriminated against unjustly and deserves to be treated the same as any other pet. They can be great family dogs and we want to give all of our dogs the chance to have the happiest life possible. All of our dogs that are placed up for adoption are fully vetted including spayed/neutered, current on vaccinations, microchipped, dewormed, heartworm tested, and receive any other necessary medical treatment. They are also temperament tested so that they can be placed in the most appropriate home. Please feel free to ask us any questions regarding our adoptable dogs and check our website and Petfinder often to view any new dogs that become available.

P.O. Box 273217 Fort Collins CO 80526 United States

ColoRADogs is a registered 501C3 non-profit whose mission is to advocate for the responsible pet ownership and advocacy for both Pit Bull type dogs and all other breeds, through community outreach, public education and repeal of BSL in Colorado.

621 Oak Dale Rd. Cowpens SC 29330 United States

Our mission is to help save pit bulls, to educate people about the breed, to reduce the number of unwanted, and to educate about the importance of spay/neuter.

Portland OR 97222 United States

We rescue abused, neglected, abandoned and homeless dogs, including those scheduled for euthanasia in animal shelters. We have a passion for pit bulls and special expertise in training, socializing and rehabilitating this magnificent and misunderstood breed; We work to educate the public, children and dog owners on the proper training and care for all dogs; We advocate for safe, humane practices. We work with low-income families and the homeless to find food, veterinary care and other resources for their dogs. We offer individualized assessment, personalized training and compassionate behavior modification for your dog. We stand against Breed Specific Legislation, breed restrictions and breed prejudice.

Diva’s Pit Bull Rescue is a licensed Georgia based non-profit rescue which is devoted to saving, rehabilitating and re-homing pit bulls, pit mixes and cats into responsible, loving and forever homes. We function through a network of foster homes and the generous donations from compassionate individuals. All donations are used to directly support the vetting needs of our rescues. All of our rescues are spayed/neutered and fully vaccinated prior to adoption. Please consider sharing or adopting an available rescue, becoming a foster or donating to help us achieve our daily goal to “save one life at a time”.

P.O. Box 91557 San Diego CA 92169 United States

Just a Dog Pit Bull Rescue is a volunteer-driven non-profit organization that caters to the needs of the breed and their owners in the San Diego area. They offer education and shelter support for the preservation of Pit Bulls so that they will once again be known for their companionship, intelligence, and distinctive character.

PO Box 767 Ellicott City MD 21041 United States

Kitties & Pitties is committed to saving the lives of animals, with an emphasis on cats and pit bulls

Lake Charles LA 70605 United States

We are a 501c3 organization. We are dedicated to rescuing, rehabilitating, and re-homing pit bulls and pit bull mixes.

We are a small, self-funded, 501c3 dog rescue in OH. Thank you for supporting us and our goal of giving second chances to those that needs it most.

Fayetteville NC 28304 United States

We pull dogs from high kill shelters, and get them ready for their forever homes. We have adoption events, and fundraisers to help with the costs.

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408 N. Main Ola AR 72853 United States

NovaStar Rescue is a small rescue in Ola Arkansas. The main focus of NovaStar is to advocate for, educate about, and save the pitties, the most loyal yet most misunderstood dogs. Whether they come from off the streets, out of the shelters, or owner surrenders, every pittie deserves a chance at a good home where he will be loved and cherished as a family member and that is what we strive for in each and every adoption.

P.O. Box 3738 La Habra CA 90632 United States

Orange County Pit Bull Rescue is a non-profit all volunteer organization dedicated to helping Pit Bulls in our community through rescue and adoption, education and advocacy.

P.O. Box 2311 Albany NY 12220 United States

Out of the Pits is a non-profit organization that was founded in 1994. We seek to educate the public about the true nature of the American Pit Bull Terrier and to make them aware that it used to be one of America’s favorite breed of dogs.

Geismar LA 70734 United States

Peaceful Pit Bull is a non-profit, all volunteer organization dedicated to rescuing & rehoming abandoned, neglected and abused American Pit Bull Terrier as well as educating the public about the Pit Bull breed.

4827 Kyle Lane Huntsville AL 35810 United States

P.P.B.H.S.A is a NO KILL rescue. We help Pit Bull and Misunderstood breeds in bad circumstances. We do not sell; promote selling or puppy mills on this page. We are a non-profit organization run solely by volunteers to help serve Alabama.

6119 Tidewater Trl. Church View VA 23032 United States

A No-kill, non-profit dog shelter and sanctuary in the Tidewater Virginia area. Relies on fosters to open their homes and hearts to the dogs and help prepare them for their forever home. Pit Road also relies on donations to help with vet costs and the everyday care of all of our dogs.

PSM?s mission is to secure equal treatment and opportunity for pit bull type dogs through education, community awareness days, and adoption days, spay and neuter clinics and fundraising events.?

Huntington WV 25705 United States

Pitiful Paws is dedicated to helping dogs in bad situations and rehabilitating them (physically and emotionally) until a forever home can be found.

PO Box 568711 Orlando FL 32856 United States

Pitiful Pups is a rescue group that is linked with B.A.R.C., a high school rescue club. We work together to help save sick, injured and neglected dogs from being euthanized.

PO Box 5160 Baltimore MD 21224 United States

Our rescue dogs come from all over the country in order to be rehabilitated and to ultimately find their forever homes

Belleville IL 62221 United States

Pitties and More Palace Rescue is a local rescue that helps rescue pitbulls.

44 W. Passaic Ave. Bloomfield NJ 07003 United States

An all-species animal rescue and education organization specializing in Pit Bull rescue and promoting responsible pet ownership

Kirkland IL 60145 United States

Recycled. Pits is a Chicago based dog rescue serving to help homeless animals find loving homes, as well as advocate and educate the public about the often misrepresented breeds known as “Pitbull type dogs” or “bully breeds” in an effort to find them adoptive homes

Salisbury MA 01952 United States

My rescue is located in MA and is based out of my home. Let’s all network a RED HOT RESCUE for any Pit Bull that needs one! Specializing in “Red Hot” rescues for Pit Bulls & similar breed dogs. By “Red Hot” I mean dogs who are abandoned, abused, on ‘death row’ at the shelters and more.

P.O. Box 10219 Rochester NY 14610 United States

Rescue Pit, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) not for profit pit bull rescue. We are committed to saving lives by creating a network of advocates in Rochester, NY.

Los Angeles CA 90272 United States

Streetsmarts Rescue is a “one-woman” operated, private rescue. Ingrid of Streetsmarts Rescue tries to help cats and all dog breeds but specializes in Pit Bulls/American Staffordshire Terriers. Streetsmarts Rescue Animals are spayed/neutered, vaccinated, microchipped prior to adoption. Our dogs receive rehabilitation, basic and sometimes intensive training and socialization before placed into loving and responsible homes.

B.H.U.B Inc. is a non for profit animal rescue dedicated to the rehab and rescue to the American Pit Bull Terrier and Exotic… Animals. We have been in operation for over 8 years and have rescued hundreds of animals.

P.O. Box 80046 Baton Rouge LA 70898 United States

The Pit Stop Rescue is an all-volunteer group of individuals dedicated to the rescue and prevention of abuse, neglect, and exploitation of these beautiful, loyal, and fun-loving dogs.

The Princess Buttercup Foundation (“PBF”) was registered through the state of New Jersey as a non-profit corporation in October 2010 by Valerie Paster. Please note, we do not have our 501(c)3 status, yet, so donations will not be tax deductible. PBF was inspired by a dog Valerie met at a kill-shelter that would have been put to sleep if she had not intervened. If you couldn’t have guess, the dog’s name was Princess Buttercup. From there, Valerie decided it was time for her to make some sort of change for “pit bull” dogs in shelters, and from there formed her own rescue group like she had always wanted to do.

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