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Catahoula Leopard Dog

Bristol, TN 37621, USA

We aer Blackjack Animal Rescue. We rescue catahoulas, catahoula mixes and other mixed breed dogs and cats in the East TN area. We believe that all pets should be spayed and neutered. We rescue pets facing euthanization in shelters in the East TN area. We do it because we are called and equipped to do this work and cannot do otherwise.

We rescue Catahoula Leopard dogs and Catahoula mixes, my name is Michelle Bernier. I do this to try and help save some dogs lives and to educated people about the Catahoula breed.

We have been rescuing these wonderful hounds since 2003. We are also a member of Coonhound Companions where our goal is to educate the public about the misconception that hounds do not make good family pets.

Twisted Branch Aussie Ranch is a dog rescue group in the beautiful Cedar Creek Lake area of East Texas. Our primary focus is to rescue Australian Shepherds and other herding breed dogs from Texas animal shelters, rehabilitate them into adoptable pets, and place them in well-suited forever homes.

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