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A to Z Menagerie Inc.

P.O. Box 204 Lithia FL 33547 United States
P.O. Box 204 Lithia Florida US

A to Z menagerie is a collection of dedicated animal lovers who donate our time, our homes, and most of our money to animals in need. Our seven acre sanctuary is privately owned; the land, pastures, cage space, all donated by the organization?s president. We accept most animals in need, as space and resources allow, and give as much love to an unwanted former pet rabbit as to a juvenile orphaned owl. With a state licensed wildlife rehabilitator among our volunteers, and local veterinary offices assisting with the medical care, we are able to provide for all of our animals needs. We seek out ?forever homes? for as many residents as possible, never charging a fee, but often our animals are too mistrustful of people, or no longer ?cute babies?, and must remain in our sanctuary for the duration of their lives. Because most of our domestic animals have been neglected or mistreated by humans, or are wildlife preparing to return to freedom, we keep all outside human contact to a minimum. We are not a zoo and, for the happiness of the residents, only occasionally offer on-site tours.

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