Oviedo FL 32765 United States
Oviedo Florida 32765 US

We are a pro-racing greyhound adoption group working with the kennels at the Sanford Orlando Track. We formed our 501c3 group in Jaunary 2009. In 2011 we removed 221 greyhounds from the Sanford Orlando Racetrack. We have fostered and vetted numerous dogs before they were sent to their new homes. We have been supplying greys to groups in Canada and they take the majority of our dogs. We are all volunteers and do not receive any compensation for our work. During 2012 we facilitated the adoption of 366 greyhounds locally and through various adoption groups in the US and Canada. We had a very busy 2013. We moved 392 greyhounds into adoption groups thru-out the US and Canada. In 2014 we facilitated the adoption and transportation of 370 greyhounds throughout the US and Canada.

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