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Alleghany Animal Shelter

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2170 U.S. 21, Sparta, NC 28675, USA
2170 Hwy 21 North Sparta NC 28675 United States

The Alleghany Animal Shelter is managed by Twin Oaks Veterinary Hospital in Sparta, NC. The shelter receives unwanted dogs, cats, kittens, and puppies dropped off by residents of Alleghany County. The shelter also receives stray animals collected by the dog catcher. Partnered with the Save a Pet Foundation of Alleghany County we strive to find homes for unwanted animals and to financially assist those who cannot afford to spay or neuter their pets.

Owner of Bear
  • Wayne Laughter reviewed 3 years ago
  • last edited 2 years ago

Terrible place !!! Brought my dog in to be adopted and he was euthanized 10 minutes after I brought him in !!! Being honest I told the receptionist tat he had bit me and my son in law !! He only reacted when we grabbed him to keep him from getting away !!! I asked the receptionist if there was a possibility that he could be adopted and she said yes there was a possibility!!! Bear was really a sweet boy and I loved him but I Didn,t have a place in High Meadows !!! When I left him with a young I asked her to please try to get him adopted and she said they certainly would After I got back to High Meadows I called a friend of mine in Charlotte and told him what I had done!!! Within 30 minutes he called back and said he had a vet tech in Concord who lived on a farm and she would love to adopt him !! A little later my friend called back and he said he had a friend in Vale NC who would like to adopt him !!! When my daughter called Twin Oaks and said she would come and get him and was told that he was euthanized 10 minutes after your father left and said that’s what your father wanted which was not true !!! I never mentioned euthanasia!!! I always thought Vet hospitals were a very humane place. Boy was I wrong !!! What a horrible place !!!

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