Emergency Hotline for Dog & Cat Rescues

Call : (888) 440-6467

Angels Rescuing Animals

P.O. Box 5143 Auburn CA 95604 United States
P.O. Box 5143 Auburn California 95604 US

Angels Rescuing Animals is a humanitarian organization which extends a helping hand to discarded domestic Animals through Rehabilitation and Adoption into committed homes. We are a group of animal lovers who serve the greater Auburn area, bringing our experience and knowledge totaling more than 100 years of working in the trenches with homeless, abused and neglected companion animals. All our animals reside in loving Foster Homes. Each animal’s Foster Parents provide the basics (food, water and shelter) and lots of love to these animals confused by their homeless status. Each animal has a Bio provided by their Foster Parents and yes, it is not easy for Foster Parents to adopt out their babies, but when we find a forever home, we can rescue another! We have NO PHYSICAL FACILITY where you may visit our animals, but we are happy to have you meet with our foster animals, just contact us at the numbers below.

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