Columbia, MD 21045, USA
PO Box 2773 Columbia Maryland 21045 United States

Here at ASHA we are doing what we can to help the animals. We are not yet a registered 501c3 rescue (but we are in the paper work process!) & we do not have a facility. We are just one family working with many friends, foster family’s, volunteers, donors, supporters, neighbors & the community to try & make a difference in the world; One animal at a time. Our Board of Directors include: Our Founder & Executive Director Jessica Kratz, Pat Wilmsen is our Assistant Director, Matt Buleza is our Treasurer & Catalina Ruiz is our Secretary. We also have the great honor and expertise of Robin Deltuva! We help animals that are in dire and extreme situations such as: Running up and down high ways or living in sewer systems. We work in areas that are too dangerous for original TNR programs, such as beside highways, in the center of the city or in a building planed to be demolished. We go the extra mile that other people and groups wont. We have many years of experience with domestic, stray, feral, abused & abandoned pets. Also; small animals, farm animals and even experience wild animals and exotic animals. We are dedicated to bettering the lives of any animal that is unwanted or homeless. Through rescue, rehab, spay and neuter, and adoption; we strive to lessen the number of animals that suffer from abuse and neglect. We treat every and any animal as family from the moment it comes in to our care and forever more. Any Animal once rescued by us is welcome back any time later in the future no matter what. ASHA is NOT YET a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Animal Rescue Organization and does not receive funding from the county, state or federal government. We operate on the donations of our public (and private) supporters, donations and animal fees. All proceeds and donations go directly for the care and welfare of the animals. NO salaries are paid. Donations, fees or sales ARE tax deductible since we are in the process of becoming registered. Donate online today via PayPalor send a check! I began helping the homeless animals in my little corner of the world in about 2000; Just an animal here, an animal there. Then as word began to spread, by 2002 my family and I had begun to made a name for our selves; “the family that helps rescue animals.” And as things happen, our weekend projects became our every day chores. We started rescuing more cats more frequently. Unfortunately there are more animals needing rescuing then there are families looking to adopt! Since we started in 2000 we have helped rescue and successfully re-homed over 650 animals! We care about the animals because it is not their fault they are in the situation they are in, its never their fault. And because we are in a position where we can create a positive impact on their life we feel we must do all that we can. Stray and feral kittens and young cats that are caught and rescued are typically scared, aggressive and un-socialized at first. Thus; many places and people would deem them “un-adoptable” and would euthanize them on the spot, or send them back to the awful situation they came from. We do not. We believe that with time, patience and love they are able to be rehabbed and eventually learn to trust humans. Some cats may take just days, others weeks or even months. Their options are limited if they do not shown that they can co-habitat with people; So we work hard to find the perfect forever family for each rescued animal. So we will do what we can, as often as we can to help the animals that are in need of us. Animal Safe Haven and Adoptions, Inc. works to help rescue as many stray, feral, abandoned, homeless and abused animals from our community, the cities and the counties; as possible. We work to end the suffering of overpopulation and unwanted animals, to effectively reduce the number of animals abandoned and abused by supporting spay/neuter programs. Provide temporary foster care for pets of people in a crisis who want their animals back. Catching, vetting & relocating feral colonies from dangerous areas in order to eventually end the suffering of all feral cats. We take in and adopt out cats, dogs, small animals and farm pets from all of Maryland. We provide food, shelter and vet care to the animals no matter what their age, breed or sex. With us they have no time limit to find the perfect forever family.

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