Emergency Hotline for Dog & Cat Rescues

Call : (888) 440-6467

Bless the Beasts Canine Placement Program

We are a small group of volunteers; we have no paid employees. We have many dogs in our care from varied backgrounds. We are no-kill, but for that reason, we cannot take everything about which we are contacted. We would love to be able to help every dog at risk–including those whose people have decided for one reason or another they no longer fit into their lives, but that is just not the case. We do not have the space, volunteers, or resources for that. We are forced to be somewhat selective. We are a small-dog Rescue for the same reason–lack of space and volunteers. We feel we are personally familiar with each of the dogs, therefore, we are selective about what type of home each individual dog requires. You needn’t worry about them while they wait for their forever home, however, they are safe and will continue to live in a home environment until the appropriate home is found for each.

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