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Call : (888) 440-6467

Bud's Friends

Fountain Inn, SC 29644, USA
P.O. Box 961 Fountain Inn SC 29644 United States

The Loving Home Rescue and Adoption shelter, ia a non-profit 501.3c organization, located in Fountain Inn, South Carolina. We are a NO KILL rescue where the life of every animal that crosses our path is important to us. Loving Home Rescue strongly feels that euthanasia should be used for sick, and/or dangerous animals or for humanitarian reasons to end suffering–not because an animal is not cute enough or pretty enough to be adopted. Loving Home Rescue’s goal is to find a happy home for all animals. Because we are non-profit group, we work solely from donations. We spay and neuter our animals and ensure all their shots are up-to-date for when they are adopted to their forever home. Our passions are the disabled and senior animals- the ones that are discarded because they are not able to chase the ball or run and play like younger dogs; those who have become a ‘burden’ because they to fail to let their owners know they need to go out; or those who are blind and require a little extra time to be cared for, after all their years of faithful service to their owners. I am a disabled Marine and as a Marine, we never left anyone behind. I feel these animals should not be left behind either, which is why I started this animal rescue.

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