Emergency Hotline for Dog & Cat Rescues

Call : (888) 440-6467

Central Valley Animal Lovers

CVAL believes that everyone has something special to offer. By looking to the positive in people, drawing out their unique gifts and talents, and bringing these together, we believe that many more lives will be saved. Mission Improve the lives of companion animals and their humans through rescue, reform, foster, networking, training, education, S&N, rehabilitation, and socialization. Goals: • Rescue Foster- place homeless animals into temporary homes to be socialized, medically treated, S/N until a forever home can be found. Owner Retention- offer training, assistance, education to keep an animal in its home rather than being surrendered to a shelter or rescue organization. Rehabilitation- many shelter animals require physical or emotional rehabilitation when rescued. In the foster care setting, the animal will have the time and space and medical attention it needs to heal. Networking- many people in the community do not know that animals are dying every day in the Valley. Networking helps us educate, recruit and save more lives. S&N- Without this basic building block, unwanted animals will continue to die. • Education Socialization- in foster care, the animal learns how to be a member of a pack (humans and animals). Pet Training- Introduction and integration in to the pack. Basic obedience. Crate training, House training. Leash training. Human Training- The Myth of “Dangerous” Breeds’, ‘The Benefits of Spay & Neuter’, ‘Canine Language’, ‘Safety for Kids & Dogs’. • Reform- support and promote positive changes in the shelter system: Foster program Owner retention Free/Low cost S&N Networking Education- for new pet owners and shelter employees Training Adoptions Volunteers Rescue

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