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PRESS RELEASE; Critter Crossings Corp. (approved by Board of Directors, 2007) Critter Crossings is an all age, all size, all breed dog rescue founded in March 2004 by our president, Julie Klingsberg and incorporated in January of 2006. We rescue, rehabilitate, and rehome dogs. Julie began her rescue experience by fostering other dogs for local rescues. Her first rescue of her own was a 6 year old Great Dane left at Fallbrook Animal Hospital because “they got new floors”. This dog was in her care for nearly three months until a committed home could be found but once adopted, she went to the Humane Society and adopted an 8 year old Bernese Mountain Dog who had severe kennel stress, so much so that his paws and back end were chewed to bloody and his tail had a constant injury that bled due to being in such close quarters. And so it began, one dog at a time, until she realized she could do so much more by reaching out to the community for help. Since that time, Julie has recruited a number of foster homes for the dogs – individuals or families who house, feed, and nurture the dogs into healthy, well adjusted canine citizens who are ready for adoption. Our fosters are passionate about dogs, and are people who take in dogs for a day, a week, a month, sometimes even the better part of a year, while the dogs are assessed, immunized, spayed or neutered, healed, socialized, trained and turned into the best canine citizens they can be. Some rescues will only take particular breeds of dogs, and some rescues will only take animals which are identified as easily adoptable – young dogs, dogs with no overt medical problems – generally dogs that take pictures that people coo at and want to take them home instantly. We specialize in dogs that are considered hard to place; sick or injured dogs, dogs that lack basic training or socialization, dogs with shelter stress, or mixed breeds, special needs (blind, deaf or both) and seniors. The dogs that we take may not seem like the most logical choices of animals to rescue, but at the core of our vision is the ability to see potential, where others see an undeniable fate – EUTHANASIA. With love, time and care, each dog is given the chance to become adoptable. We are the safety net for dogs without hope, who otherwise would meet their end without a family to call their own. These special needs dogs are our passion. Where our passion would have us rescue every dog we could, we are limited by time, space, and money. Critter Crossings is basically the underdog rescue and we will continue to do so… rescuing dogs that are deemed unadoptable by shelters and abandoned by their owners. Whether they come in for a week or two or for the rest of their lives, we commit to them, for life. Amy Ardon Director of Fundraising Critter Crossings Corp. EIN#20-4269918

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