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Dixie Pet Underground Railroad ~ Maine

Portland, ME 04961
West Carry Pond Road New Portland Maine 04961 US

Three 9-month-old feral puppies began the Dixie Pet Underground Railroad. When Beth Foster was faced with the prospect of finding homes for three feral puppies — Jackie, Zorra and Freckles — she was at a loss. There were 7,000 perfectly adoptable dogs and cats being killed in her county’s animal shelter — not to mention the thousands and thousands of others being killed at other shelters in the area. Where could three terrified feral puppies find a home? Through chance meetings or divine intervention, Beth was introduced to Cindy Rhoda of Pooches on the Move. Zorra and Freckles quickly found homes in the northeast (Jackie stayed with Beth) and the Dixie Pet Underground Railroad had begun. In the ensuing months, Beth and Betti Gravelle, executive director of Dixie Dogs & Cats, emptied Cleveland Animal Control of all its dogs and cats twice–sending the pets to forever homes in the northeast and the Dixie Pet Underground Railroad really began to move.

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