Emergency Hotline for Dog & Cat Rescues

Call : (888) 440-6467

Dog House Adoptions, Inc.

East Schodack, NY 12063, USA
P.O. Box 214 East Schodack NY 12063 United States

OUR MISSION Dog House Adoptions offers a comprehensive solution to the abundance of stray dogs in our community by caring for dogs who need our help now, educating the public to protect dogs of the future, allowing dogs to give back as they do best – with their whole hearts, and accomplishing each stage with a sense of humor. OUR PHILOSOPHY The way we see it, dogs are not throw away items. Their lives have value and, when the community comes together to support their needs, dogs do something miraculous. No matter how weary, weathered or worn, dogs give back with their whole hearts, enriching human lives in healing ways. This is why we’ve made it our job to facilitate loving, healing dog/human connections. FINDING PET PARENTS FOR ORPHANED DOGS Why do we call our rescue dogs orphans? The dogs in our care are not homeless. They have a transitional home that satisfies their physical needs and caring people who tend to their emotional needs. But what they need most is a pet parent. We seek pet parents for our darling orphans, people with a dog’’s best interest at heart, so they can feel loved and cared for -– for life. From the moment they come to us, they give all they have. The ultimate gift we can give back is a safe place to live out their days, a forever home. Visit our adoptable dogs and become a loving pet parent today! LEARN MORE! Visit http://DogHouseAdoptions.org/About

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