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Forgotten Felines

Valhalla, NY 10595, USA
PO Box 430 Valhalla NY 10595

Forgotten Felines is a not for profit, no kill, all volunteer group of enthusiastic and caring people who help animals, mostly felines. We have a network of foster homes that open their homes and hearts to homeless and abandoned cats and kittens. We have two programs: ADOPTION PROGRAM:We take in cats that have known human homes but have been abandoned for various reasons or “feral” kittens young enough to be tamed. Despite their unfortunate circumstances, these cats are usually friendly and amazingly trusting. The cats are placed in a foster home of one of our volunteers where their needs are met and they are given the love they deserve. When the “foster person” feels the cat is ready, we begin to take them to “adoption days” out in the community and search for a suitable loving home where they can live happily. Our adoption fee includes a free spay/neuter, first distemper vaccination, rabies vaccination if old enough, worming, testing for feline leukemia and feline aids virus, and treatment of any medical condition necessary before adopting them to their new families. Our FERAL CATS PROGRAM is our effort to help control the enormous problem of feral (born in the wild) cat colonies. We do this by humanely trapping the cats who have no caretaker, having them examined by a veterinarian, and then altered. After holding them for a recovery period, the cats are released back to their colony family to live out the rest of their lives. A caring dedicated volunteer makes sure shelter and daily food is provided. One spayed female can save hundreds of kittens from being born into a harsh life of survival on the streets. We also provide assistance to those people who find themselves with unaltered strays in their backyard or neighborhood. We loan trap/s and instruct them on how to capture and how to find a low cost spay-neuter clinic in their area. If there are feral kittens, we help people place these kittens in loving homes once they have been socialized and are old enough to leave their mother, who is then spayed. In addition, our Kitty Info page on our website at http://forgottenfelines.petfinder.org has invaluable links to Feral Cat Help and Low Cost Spay-Neuter clinics. We depend upon and thank these compassionate people who help solve the overpopulation problem one cat situation at a time.

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