160 Club Wiley Road, Jackson, AL 36545, USA
160 Club Wiley Road Jackson Alabama 36545 United States

Happy Tails Rescue is a non-profit rescue(in the process of filling out 501c-3 paperwork) that works to rescue, rehabilitate, and adopt out local homeless/unwanted dogs. Clarke and Washington Counties currently do not have a animal shelter, Humane Society, or SPCA so unwanted animals are thrown out on the side of the road, killed, or put in a high-kill “pound” that consists of 10 open-air kennels. Happy Tails Rescue houses the unwanted dogs in foster homes until they are spayed/neutered and healthy. We advertise for the adoptable pets in the local paper and on petfinder. We have had 65 adoptions in 7 months. Happy Tails Rescue also provides transportation to Mobile, Alabama for pets that belong to people in the area where spays and neuters are a third of the price of local vets. One of the issues in Clarke County is that people cannot afford the cost of spays/neuters by local vets. Happy Tails is also willing to pay for all or part of a spay/neuter for a pet owner who cannot afford the procedure. Happy Tails Rescue also works with CCARC (Clarke County Association of Retarded Citizens). Weekly meetings are arranged where CCARC members can walk dogs that are in foster care. This has proven rewarding for the dogs and people. We are a rescue that focuses on saving the lives of local dogs and also helping the community to become more responsible pet owners.

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